trying qutebrowser again and oof its so nice (and smooth gosh)
Kinda feel like I'll use it as my main browser for a while

it's gotten so good over the years. it's really usable now, it's just a fancy gpu-accelerated terminal app with some fun shaders integrated with it that you can dial up or down at wish

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Funny, I don't particularly like all-white monochrome terminal apps, but green glowing monochrome terminals with the crt phosphor afterglow feels so nice.
Yes I'm using cool-retro-term as my main terminal, why are you asking ? 😋

this poor server's resources are really completely used tho lmao

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Just installed Harmony on my dedicated server by squeezing a bit Mastodon's resources.
Now I can use it without having to keep a computer on 24/7 \:D/

Nearly need a cheat sheet for my own program lmao how bad is my memory

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I started to forget all the shortcuts tho :<
Hopefully I wrote them all and their description in an easy to access screen on the client

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Just started Harmony again after a few weeks of not using it at all.
Feels weird

I missed that console :3

Just created a simple tool to count down all your network traffic on linux, since I'm now on a metered connection

Need to add some options, like to prefill offset values, or save current value and load them automatically back later

But that at least makes a basic, simple and light way to see how much data I consume ^_^

Y'a pas de flux RSS sur la page des releases d'ubuntu, c'est nul :<

I mean the packaging system is fine (even if a bit complicated, I love aptitude tho), but ubuntu really doesn't know how to do a clean system that's still simple to use

there are bugs and shit everywhere >_>

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Changed the kernel from linux-generic-hwe-20.04 (ubuntu custom 5.11 branch) to the linux-generic (which is a clean 5.4 LTS branch)

Expectedly my computer runs better, cooler also

I've installed the LTS version of ubuntu but gosh is it bugged as hell

I also finally got to write a little systemd unit to automatically run the monitor script at boot time (which opens up the tmux in a service and runs all the things inside)

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(I added the scale on top, and a reading of the current averaged value)

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I'm impressed bc the original tool had very long code to manage what I litteraly recoded in 32 lines (the circular heatmap part)

Recoding from scratch really can help sometimes

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I love heatmaps. They make visualizing things easier, including rythm and reccurence if you can render the periodicity of the measure well

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Finally got to recode my visual generic monitoring tool ^^

It's a bit more bare-bones than before, but at least its not thousands of lines long

Might do a submodule just for a prettier and easier to use interface, that'd be a good exercise ^^

(I'll post the code to a git repo later)

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