Did that again on \:D/ (took some time because… burn out, spoons and adhd ^^)

(its a cover of the marble machine song by wintergatan)

And now, it's time to upload one of my compositions again \:D/

1 / Going on an adventure


Another (old) composition for today !

2/ Slow ticking

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Another song for today, one of my favourites !

3/ Echoes in space

Hello ! Here's the 5th one ! (too bad it's not Halloween yet… xD)

5/ Ghostly sight

Today's upload ! Last of my personal compositions (I really have to make more >.<)

9/ Hope for tomorrow

Today, we'll do something different: a cover !
This one seems to be quite well known, but hear by yourself :3

Oh, and special bonus: this track has benefited from the python module I wrote yesterday to do samples =3

« Unreeeal Superhero 3 »

Today's song, and last one from this collection:

10/ Perserevance

Hope you'll like it !

(here's the soundcloud link if you want: soundcloud.com/user-648272347/ )

After… quite a while, here’s a new release :D

I also moved my (bare) folder repo here -> files.art-software.fr/Zic/

(soundcloud on my profile)

[Hungry Black Hole]

Merci. Ça fait toujours du bien ce genre de morceau

@Elisa on sent l'inspiration des musiques de warez et de crack non ? =)

bah elle a été utilisé pour ça, c pas moi qui l'ai composée c'est une cover :3

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