.. par contre j'ai plus mes avancements obviously du coup faut tout que je recommence ;o;

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Making blob vampire emojis would be fun
I should consider doing that πŸ€”

re: sysadmin 

(also I added to Harmony some functions that'll really help me and it nice πŸ–€)

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Just changed my terminal color scheme to something more pastel, and I like itΒ ! It feels nice :blob_cat_melt:

markov-generated toot 

Ban cis men inside and make them ✨ pay ✨

5V. Y'a 4 pins, donc le layout est certainement: 5V - Sortie - Sortie - 3.3V (du coup si le jumper est au milieu tu relie rien, donc off pck ni le +5V ni le +3.3V n'y vont)

(et le jumper est sur le +5V)


Impossible de ne pas penser à Shiro maintenant dès que je vois/lis quelqu'un parler de matériel audio maintenant :blob_cat_giggle:

Projet du jour:
βœ” installer Dead Cells
⏳ Charger les accus de ma manette
❌ Rejouer un peu

my fingers don't obey me when I write

They're anti-authoriarian :grr:

c programming joke 

C's such a futuristic language you already have quantum computing inside
If you multithread, all your common variables will be in superimposed states depending on the thread you call them from πŸ₯°

re: programming none 

C people's mind is quantic
Like the variables in their projects when they multithread :blob_cat_giggle:

sarcastic, re: programming none 

ah yes, when you're so used to the shitty environment you work with that you take it as a normal thing πŸ₯°

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